NH2 System

Horizontally oriented system


The NH2 system is used to attach horizontal rails which allow for direct façade attachment along the length of the horizontal rail. This provides a means of façade attachment if building wall studs are irregularly spaced (example: not at 16" on center), or façade panels of irregular sizes. The NH2 system, with an attached horizontal rail also allows other rails (Omega or Zed) to be vertically installed for use in certain wall assembly applications.

NH2 is always attached over the NV1 system.

System Components

Suitable Cladding

• Fiber Cement
• Metal sheets (copper, zinc, stainless)
• Terracotta
• Fiber Concrete
• Ceramic and many more

Suitable Substrates

• Steel
• Concrete (including filled CMU)
• Wood

Adjustment Range - Bracket with NH2 Adaptor

System Features

Bracket "helping hand" allows for rail insertion depth up to 1.375" max, which ensures that facade panels are plumb and true, thus greatly reducing or eliminating the need for shims.

Fast & Easy to Install:
The "helping hand" bracket holds the rail in place to allow up to 50% faster install

Thermal Efficient:
Thermal spacer provides thermal break to reduce energy loss through wall assembly

High Flexibility:
Suitable for almost any cladding material

Structurally Sound:
Engineered system that allows for expansion and contraction movements

NH2 Vertical to Horizontal Adaptor Configuration Video


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